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Luceat Eis

Luceat Eis - A Kingdom Hearts Crossover RPG
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"Luceat Eis" ("may it shine upon them") is a line from the mozart/faure requiems, specifically from the first movement. The full line reads "et lux perpetua luceat eis," which means "and may perpetual light shine upon them."
This is a Kingdom Hearts based Role-Playing Game (RPG) that draws on any other fandom. The basic idea is that the war against the Heartless, begun in the video game Kingdom Hearts, has been going on for four years. The Light and the Darkness have been fighting non-stop and right now, it looks like the Darkness is winning.

What we're going for is a deeper, more mature take on some of the concepts presented in the game. In this RPG the events of KH and Chain of Memories (CoM) have taken place; however, anything from KH2 hasn't happened. This is basically a canon-based AU (Alternate Universe) take on what could have happened.

Helpful Links
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Advertisement; Copy/paste reference--in case you want to pimp.
Affiliates; People who link us in their communities!

Storyline; Basic explanation of the storyline within Luceat.
Rules; Basic rules that must be followed if you are to apply.
Application; The application form is here.
Getting Started; Helpful tips after you're accepted
Questions; Any questions, or general information about the game.

Taken Characters; Characters that have been accepted.
Dropped Characters; Characters that have been played and dropped.
World Descriptions; Short explanation of the features in each world.
Extensive Information; A detailed explanation of LE
Friends Add; An Easy friends add for those who are lazy.